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Please ensure that the tracking number you got is in the format of RXXXXXXXXXXHK, and your order is over $15 total. Here are the reasons for delays of tracking information:

1, Because orders with tracking numbers are sent via registered Airmail, all packages need to be scanned and recorded by staffs at Hong Kong Post and this process takes 48 hours to complete. After the package is processed online tracking will appear on the site.

2, On very rare occasiones, Hong Kong Post may change the tracking number sticker on a package because the sticker is blurred, damaged, or otherwise faulty rendering it un-scannable. In this case please contact us via:service@nfstrike.com / for order tracking.

This page opens a CS Express ticket for you and you will hear a response within 24-48 working hours (Mon-Fri). Remeber to follow instructions on the page and attach a picture of the partial note/bookmark as instructed.

If there isn't a partial shipment note/bookmark and something is missing, carefully follow instructions on the page and attach pictures showing the front and back of your received package(s). Your pictures show clearly show any labels or stickers on the packages, whether ther are on the front and back of the packages. A staff reply will be sent to you within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).

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