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Review for our products to get Super High LT points!

Q: What are nfstrike Points (LT points)?

A: nfstrike points work as a kind of reward for our customers but do not include drop shippers. When orders are created, they come with points: Based on every $10 order, 1 point is collected, and 10 points equal $1 in LT points system. The points can be used to redeem items or coupon codes on nfstrike.com. Please note that you need to pay the difference of the price of item if your points are not enough to redeem the item you prefer.

Q: I have 100 points, how can I get cash back?

A: Once the points are accumulated to the level of 100, you have the qualification of cash back. What you need to do is send an email to points@nfstrike.com and tell us your nfstrike account and Paypal account, and then your LT points will be deducted automatically and $10 credited to your Paypal account.

Earning LT Points:

1. Your own purchases

The point is 10% of the order amount. For example, a $10 order gets 1 point. Points take at least 60 days to activate.

2. Product reviews

1) 3-6 points for text review.

2) 6-10 points for text + picture review.

3) 10-15 points for video review.

4) 15-20 points for text+ pictures + video review.

Note: LT points are rewarded per review type, and Points are activated after reviews are approved. More details please contact: service@nfstrike.com

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